Using evidence based practice and comfort measures I offer physical and emotional support throughout your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery process.  I provide resources to assist you in forming your birth plan and to feel better prepared for the journey of birth. I assist in advocating for that chosen birth plan throughout your labor and delivery process.  Whether you have chosen a hospital, birthing clinic, or home birth; I am by your side to help you accomplish your birth goals. With prenatal visits and open communication I help you to feel prepared and ready to handle the beauty and challenges of birth and your fourth trimester and postpartum period.


My Mission

I work to enhance, uplift, strengthen, and support all individuals and families through their birth and postpartum journey.

All Births deserve the comfort and support of a DOULA.

All families and individuals deserve the comfort of a warm presence during recovery. 

I do not discriminate based on economics, religion, race, self identity, sexual orientation, marital status, citizen status, or any other form of diversion.


Sue has a warm, radiant and incredibly positive energy. She was consistently able to help me keep perspective when I felt challenged or worried leading up to his birth, always knowing what I would need to hear. Having her with us through it all allowed me to approach his arrival with positivity and confidence, she is an absolute gem. After his birth she continued to check in and visited us to see how breastfeeding was going and offer support, that was above and beyond our expectations. She will always be part of our family
— Kate, second time Mom

Birth Doula Services

Our Birth Doula plans provide the following services:

Initial "in home" prenatal visit with you and your support team (husband, partner, etc) to form a birth plan and go over concerns, questions, important information, provide a list of local resources, formulate contact information for everyone (family, care provider, local hospital, etc), and set a date and time for a second prenatal meeting closer to the due date. (FLAT RATE $685)

Second Prenatal meeting closer to your due date (around 37 weeks gestation) to discuss birth and comfort measure options based on your outline and chosen plan. During this time I can answer any additional questions, address concerns, or solidify any additions to your personalized birth plan.

Text, Phone Call, and Email support for the remainder of your pregnancy (included in your flat rate of $810)

Prenatal Breastfeeding course for those choosing to breastfeed. This will be given in your home as an additional (3rd) prenatal meeting. **(additional fee $65)

Attendance at a prenatal appointment with care provider if agreed upon during the in home visit. **(additional fee $50)

Labor support for you during the birthing process whether in home, birthing clinic, in hospital, or any combination. This will last from the time you request my presence until shortly after delivery of your baby. During that time I will provide Certified Lactation Counseling services to ensure you get off to a great breastfeeding start if you have chosen to do so. (included in your flat rate fee of $810)

Photography during your labor, delivery, and first quiet moments with baby are offered, please note I am NOT a professional photographer, but do use a pro-grade camera. I will gift your photos to you requesting you credit them to me when showing them off.

Extended travel for families outside an average local service area will be charged a travel fee PER visit on a sliding scale depending on the time and distance traveled.