when you just need a tiny hand...

when you just need a tiny hand...

All Births deserve support...

I am striving to empower our local community families. **

If you or a loved one is in need of Birth services, I offer them free of charge to individuals with proven income status.

The following items will qualify automatically for free Birth Doula and Lactation Counseling services:

1. A CURRENT Medicaid awards letter

2. A current Food Supplement awards letter 

3. Any pregnant individual 16 years of age or younger

Prenatal meetings will be done in home or at a mutually designated place. I believe transportation should not affect the services offered to any of our clients. **

**Your Free Birth Doula services package will include a short prenatal breastfeeding and birth information talk during our formal prenatal meeting.
**Free Birth Doula services are offered to individuals and families within the local service area of  Carroll County, parts of Baltimore County, and parts of York and Adams counties in PA. I can occasionally go further out of my local area on a case by case basis.