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Lactation Counseling Services and Fees agreement

As a Certified Lactation Counselor I am qualified to give you advice and tips on breastfeeding to help with any common issues you may be experiencing.

I will, with your permission, asses a feeding session with you and your baby/babies and offer suggestions to help you improve your breastfeeding experience.

I have been formally trained to asses a breastfeeding session by the Center For Breastfeeding's Healthy Children's Program.

It is not within my scope of practice to perform any medical testing, diagnosing, or prescribing of medications or supplements. If medical attention is necessary for you or your baby I will refer you to your primary care physician.

I respect your privacy and do not share any of your information without your permission.

We will work together to come up with a breastfeeding plan for you to follow moving forward from our appointment. I will check in with you by phone and/or email according to the chosen plan of action for you.

After hearing my advice and recommendations it will be up to you to follow that recommended plan of action and continue contact with me accordingly in addition to your regularly scheduled appointments with any medical personnel giving care to you or your baby/babies. 

My care is an outlined plan of recommended action and should NOT replace direction or appointments by your primary care physician and/or other doctors you may be seeing during the time(s) we are discussing breastfeeding.

My fees for Lactation Counseling are:

*$65 for a two hour visit, during which time I will asses a feeding and discuss your birth and infant growth information and current issues surrounding breastfeeding.

Payment is due upon registration.

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