preparing for your breastfeeding journey

I know how busy life can be during those last few months of pregnancy. For all parents preparation is the key to good breastfeeding.

need more information on breastfeeding?

ALL BIRTHS offers a prenatal breastfeeding course that will give you the information you need to feel fully prepared for breastfeeding your little one. A comprehensive outline of everything Breastfeeding...from anatomical and physiological to tips and advice for overcoming common issues many Moms find with breastfeeding.


Local group classes are scheduled monthly based on interest. A minimum number 6 of persons is required. Discounts available to anyone bringing  4 or more persons to a class.

no time to go to a local scheduled meeting?

I will fit into your schedule by coming to your home during the time that best suits you

3 hour course designed to educate, support, promote, and protect breastfeeding.

With a Certified Lactation Counselor you will get up to date evidence based information with tips and advice on overcoming common issues to leave you feeling better prepared and knowledgeable to breastfeed your little one.

What does a cOURSE SESSION cost?

The cost of a local group course is $65 per person.

The cost of the In Home course is $85 per person.

I offer a "Host or Hostess" discount of 35% to those individuals who gather a group of 4 or more together to learn in home or in our local group class.